stablished in 1989, P&W Technic Corp. has put a lot of effort on developing and researching usage function and application on medium power of laser system. For the moment, P & W Technic Corp., has become one of the outstanding manufacturers in Taiwan. The total sales volume of P& W medium power of laser system has covered about 80% of Taiwan’s market. Also, the order from overseas has growing rapidly each year.

The advantage of P&W Company:

  1. 14 years experience on assembling and design laser system.
  2. All engineers are with technician background.
  3. Well training after service department.
  4. P&W can be your transit site for Asian market.

Having being continuously develop and research on new functions and usage of High power and low power laser cutting and marking system,
P & W Technic Corp., has become one of outstanding and professional laser machinery manufacturer in Taiwan.

Incorporating the laser technique and CNC controller system, all models can be easily operated via the PC under the Windows, Auto CAD and other programs. Among the merits are high cutting speed, accurate cutting with a CCD video camera for self-adjust cutting, clean and sharp laser cutting with burnt edges, no dust and scraps, low noise, safe to use, high productivity and improved quality.

The application of P & W laser systems are wildly used in many kinds of processing industry. Such as P&W laser cutting system, it’s been wildly apply for lock spring washer, acrylic cutting , wood inlay, badge, logo, woven label cutting etc… For marking system it’s commonly used for metal and nonmetal logo marking, keyboard marking, button marking etc…

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E-mail : pandw@ms8.hinet.net

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